Acid Washing

Stain Removal: Acid Washing Your Pool

If your pool is looking stained and marked, an acid wash may restore your pool to its former glimmer. To ensure that your pool surface stays bright and stain free, an acid wash is typically performed on a pool surface every 5-7 years. Acid washes are usually performed on plaster, gunite, and pebble-tec pools.

The simplest way to determine the need for a drain and acid wash is to decide if your pool is the same color as it was when you had it built. 

How Does an Acid Wash Work?

Acid washing removes a thin layer of your pool surface to reveal a fresh, bright, and stain free finish. Acid washing your swimming pool is a three step process.

1. An acid wash begins with draining the water in your swimming pool.

2. A soap and acid mixture is applied to the surface of the pool.

3. We fill the pool and properly balance the water using professional strength metal and mineral removers to give your surface long lasting stain protection.

Lots of factors can change the color of your swimming pool: algae, leaves, calcium buildup, metals, minerals, phosphates and rust. If you are dissatisfied with the appearance of your pool finish, a drain and acid wash may be just what your pool needs.

Additionally, there are other options available for stain removal where the water may be left in the swimming pool. However, a drain and acid wash is the most comprehensive stain removal program and is highly recommended by Islander Pool & Patio.

Call the Islander Pool & Patio team today for a free stain removal and acid wash quote! We are more than happy to come and take a free look at your pool.