Skimmer Repair

Skimmers are set into a notch in the beam of the pool on the back side of the beam. Set in concrete, they can be difficult to remove without hours of jackhammer work. For proper skimmer replacement, we:

1) Drain the pool to below the skimmer to alleviate hydrostatic pressure

2)Using a concrete saw, cut the deck at the area of the skimmer

3) Jackhammer and remove the deck and the skimmer

4) Detach the line and associated valves

5) After removing skimmer, pressure test the skimmer line at the cut area back to the equipment

6) Install a new white complete skimmer assembly

7) Retie the skimmer with steel rebar to the pool wall and dowel with epoxy

8) Re-entomb the skimmer in concrete

9) Re pour the deck with concrete and

10) Refill the pool and balance the water chemistry.